Fondation Canadienne d'Orthopédie

Fondation Canadienne d'Orthopédie

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The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation is Canada’s only health charity dedicated solely to helping people maintain and restore their bone and joint health. The Foundation is powered by a professional staff and a network of over 300 volunteers. Founded in 1965 to improve bone and joint health, it has enjoyed growth in recent years and has been remarkably resilient during the pandemic. It is poised to grow and to impact the lives of more Canadians.
The Foundation is small, agile, and virtual. Its structure is simple with a single corporate entity spanning Canada’s vast geography and offering services in both languages. Its Board of Directors brings together leading scientists and clinicians with business and community leaders who share in a passion to grow public awareness of and funding for orthopaedic health research.

Ville :Any major metropolitan center in Canada

Description du poste :

Chief Executive Officer is the Foundation’s ambassador and the key architect of its strategy to grow the scale of the Foundation and its impact on the health of Canadians. This exciting role is accountable to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the operations of the Foundation. The CEO is a partner with the Board in the good governance of the Foundation, its strategic leadership, and in the development of fundraising and marketing strategies required to fuel growth. The CEO oversees staff, fundraising and financial administration, and program delivery. The CEO is the Foundation’s ambassador to external audiences bringing a key focus to building and deepening relationships with donors and potential donors. In this role as ambassador, the CEO embodies the highest level of ethical conduct and integrity.

The successful candidate will work virtually from home in any of Canada’s largest metropolitan areas.

The Candidate

The candidate is passionate about health, research and doing good.

Ideally, the candidate will have experience in the charitable world and in fundraising, or in the world of medical devices and therapeutics. She/he will bring an entrepreneurial passion, the readiness to innovate, and the drive to propel a growth agenda. At ease as an ambassador to the outside world and in building relationships, she/he will understand the importance of relationships of trust with Foundation staff who are critical to the Foundation’s operational excellence.

Key responsibilities

Revenue Growth: Drive a revenue growth and bring passion to scale the Foundation to new heights building on recent successes. Readiness to innovate and diversify approaches, markets, and revenues.

Governance: Partner with the Board of COF in exemplary governance. Support directors in the exercise of their fiduciary duties and in their roles as ambassadors of the Foundation including to donors and potential donors.

People and Culture: Lead a small virtual team of professional staff. Inspire volunteers and staff to do their best. Build a culture where strategy alignment and clear direction allow the team to enjoy high levels of autonomy in their work. Foster collaboration and pride in being part of the team.

Strategy: Partner with the Board in strategy development and lead strategy implementation. Periodic review of strategic plan. Entrepreneurial spirit to seize emergent strategic opportunities.

Partnerships: Foster and grow COF relationships with partners in the orthopaedic community including among the subspecialties including orthopaedic trauma, paediatrics, upper extremity, spine, tumour, and foot & ankle. The COF is a partner with Bone & Joint Canada (BJC).

Communication and Digital: Bring flair and passion to communications recognizing that modest resources require savvy knowledge of digital technologies and their potential to build awareness and community.

Operational excellence: Financial and operational planning including budgeting. Oversight of cash flow, management and public accounting, regulatory, legal, and other risk management. Oversight of IT systems and processes. Development of policies, plans, strategies, and reports.

Competencies, Qualifications and Experience

Relationship-builder. You bring personal charisma to the art of building relationships. You are diplomatic and persuasive. You are experienced in closing deals.

Innovator. You are a measured risk-taker. You bring an entrepreneurial spirit to your work and know how to drive organizational efficiency by focusing on important work. You are resilient, highly organized, and inspire others to adapt to change.

Passionate communicator. You are an engaging speaker and know how to convey complex, technical ideas in lay terms. You have superior writing skills in English. Knowledge of French would be a valuable important asset. You have a well-curated professional social media presence.

Education and Experience. You have a post-secondary education degree or diploma or an equivalent combination of leadership training and experience. You have 3-5 years of comparable experience. Your recent career trajectory reveals growing responsibilities.

Lifelong learner. You have a passion for learning and enjoy the company of scientists and experts. You are a reflective leader and know to grow from mistakes and setbacks. Your authenticity engenders trust.

Additional Information

The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation registered as a charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency. Its most recent filing with the CRA is available here.

Annual and Impact Reports as well as the biographical information of the current members of the Board of Directors are available on the website of the Foundation.

Audited Financial Statements will be made available to candidates before the final interviews.

Our Process

Applications will be received by email addressed to before March 15, 2021: Doug Thomson

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

All applications will be received in strictest confidence and will be acknowledged. Only those candidates selected for initial screening will receive communications beyond the initial acknowledgement.

Initial screening and the finalist interviews with the Board Search Committee will be conducted via Zoom. During the initial screening, candidates will be asked to declare their salary expectations.

The Foundation is committed to diversity in all aspects of its work and encourages women, people with disabilities and those that identify as black or people of colour, indigenous, and LGBTQ to apply.

Additionally, the COF partners with the COA in its Gender Diversity and Inclusion for Canadian Orthopaedics (GDICanOrth) initiative.

An attractive compensation package is available and will be offered commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. Background and reference checks will be conducted before concluding the employment agreement.

A thorough onboarding plan will be put in place to support the new CEO in the initial six months.


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