Webinar Series

AFP grants you access to experts in the Development Field. Check out the webinars anytime without having to travel anywhere!

We offer a webinar series accessible anywhere with an Internet connection. You can watch the presentations individually or with colleagues, ask questions, and take part in polls.

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The International AFP Offer:

  1. When you register for 10 or more webinars, the price is $99 each instead of $159 each—a savings of more than $600!
  2. You benefit from a multisite discount: 25% discount for each additional site per webinar.

This offer only applies to AFP chapters, and all sites must be within the sponsoring chapter’s jurisdiction.

Example: 1st site – regular price ($99 or $159); additional sites – 25% discount off regular price.

For more information, contact us via email or by calling 703 519-8494.