News from our partners

News from our partners

Fondation Luc Maurice

The Luc Maurice Foundation is committed to supporting organizations and causes that contribute to the well-being and fulfillment of seniors from Quebec by promoting freedom to act and think. The Foundation will focus on the three factors that help seniors … Continue reading Fondation Luc Maurice

BNP Philanthropic Performance

BNP Philanthropic Performance comprises 21 professionals who collaborate closely with inspiring organizations from the health, education, cultural, environmental, voluntary, community, municipal and religious sectors. Their main goal is to help their clients bring their missions to life, face their challenges … Continue reading BNP Philanthropic Performance

KCI (Ketchum Canada inc.)

Recognized as the ‘thought leader’ in the Canadian philanthropic sector, KCI helps propel charitable organizations forward.  Since its founding in 1984, KCI has had the privilege of working with thousands of organizations across Canada, helping them raise billions of dollars … Continue reading KCI (Ketchum Canada inc.)