Mentoring is about harnessing the philanthropic sector’s skills to benefit the next generation of fundraising leaders!

To improve our services to members, we implemented a free mentoring scheme. We developed a new way of supporting you as you seek professional skills by allowing you to be supported by a mentor: an experienced professional who conforms to our code of ethics.

The mentor aims to develop excellence standards to make you a better philanthropy professional. He or she has a number of different objectives:

  1. Build your confidence
  2. Help clarify the goals you are pursuing
  3. Help you develop to your full potential
  4. Offer counsel on the basis of shared confidential information
  5. Provide new knowledge
  6. Expand your network

The mentor’s main role is not to find the answer to your questions, but to prompt you to think differently and evolve in a new and better direction. His or her actions are concerned with both your social skills and your well-being.

2018-2019 Program

In preparation for the launch of the new 2018-2019 mentoring program this month, we are now officially opening the call for candidates for mentees in order to proceed with the matching of mentee-mentor pairs. 

For those interested, we invite you to fill out the online form before October 12th 2018 at 4 p.m.

Please note that the selected mentees will be notified by one of the Mentorship Program Committee members via e-mail by October 19th.   

We thank you in advance for your participation!

2018-2019 Program Details

Our 2018-2019 mentors

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