International AFP

The International AFP represents 33,000 members in 229 chapters in Canada, United States, Mexico, and China. Its ambition is to advance philanthropy through advocacy, research, education and certification programs.

To guarantee human freedom and social creativity, the International AFP’s purposes are:

  • To foster development and growth of fundraising professionals committed to preserving and enhancing philanthropy.
  • To establish a code of ethics and professional practices.
  • To require member adherence to a professional code of ethical standards and practices.
  • To provide training opportunities for fundraising professionals.
  • To implement programs that ensure cultural and social diversity in its membership and leadership.
  • To collect, to research, to publish, and to disseminate historical, managerial, and technical information on philanthropy and philanthropic fundraising.
  • To promote public understanding of philanthropy and philanthropic fundraising.
  • To conduct activities that maintain and develop legislation favorable to philanthropy.
  • To enlist, to organize, and to support members to achieve these purposes.
  • To foster international cooperation, knowledge exchange, and education among fundraising professionals worldwide.
  • To use all necessary and proper means to accomplish these purposes.
  • To provide a valid and reliable certification program for fundraising professionals.