2016 Jury Members


Pierre Boivin, President and CEO, Claridge Inc. and AFP Award for Outstanding Volunteer  (2012)


Claude Breton, Vice-President, Public Affairs and Investor Relations, National Bank and AFP Award for Outstanding Corporation (2013)

Jacques Chartrand and Andrée Robert, AFP Award for Outstanding Volunteers (2014)

Sandra Chartrand, President, Fondation Sandra et Alain Bouchard and AFP Award for Outstanding Philanthropist (2015)

Ugo Dionne, President, Versalys and Co-Founder, Bénévoles d’affaires

Marjolaine Lachance, Sr. Manager, Community Investment and Communications, Bell Canada and AFP Award for Outstanding Corporation (2015)

Lorne Trottier, President, Matrox Electronic Systems and AFP Award for Outstanding Philanthropist (2013)

Fabrice Vil, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Pour 3 Points and AFP Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy (2015)

Marc Weinstein, Vice-Principal, University Advancement and Alumni Relations, McGill University and AFP Award for Outstanding Career in Philanthropy (2014)